What is new in 1.0 RC1?

Version 1.0 should indicate the fact that library comes out from “beta”. This caused in some minor API changes that not backwards compatible with 0.x versions.

  • The path method syntax has been changed: Instead of r.path({attributes}, pathString) you should write r.path(pathString).attr(attributes). That makes path more consistent with other methods;
  • Path methods moveTo, lineTo, curveTo, etc. are moved from API (in favour of SVG path strings) to external plug-in;
  • Path method could access multiple parameters that are placed inside of pathString, e.g.: r.path("M{0},{1}L{2},{3}", a, b, c, d) is equal to r.path("M" + a + "," + b + "L" + c + "," + d);
  • Added support for angle in arc. That means Raphaël finally has full support for SVG path;
  • Animation from one path to another now is better;
  • Add adjusting to primitives so they shift nodes to match a pixel grid;
  • Fixed wrong path dimensions in IE & WebKit
  • General bugfixes and performance updates;
  • Since RC1.2 there is “clip-rect” attribute available. Gives you ability to add clipping rect to your elements. Format “x y width height”;
  • Since 1.5 added limited support for radial gradients (only for circles and ellipses). New syntax “r#fff-#000” or “r(0.25, 0.75)#fff-#00” for focal point. Old object notation for gradient will not work anymore. You could use gradients by specifying the “fill” attribute. “gradient” attribute will work, but it is depricated.